MM2 PTC – Demo #1 available

The first demo of Megaman 2 PTC is now available. Head on over to the Files section to download. QR codes available in zip, 7z, and tar file containers. If you have any problems with the files or codes in them that haven’t been brought up in the comments, then leave a comment. I will try and resolve the problem as soon as I can.

If you enjoyed this demo, and would like to contribute to its on-going development, you can do so by donating via the Paypal button on the sidebar.

MM2 PTC demo – Release by tomorrow night

Initially, I made plans to incorporate a bunch of features to this demo to reflect what one would actually experience in the real game prior to releasing it. Unfortunately, it appears that some of the new implementations that I tried to add in would not cooperate with the existing code. Looking over that code, it would require even further alterations to existing code to the point of causing the domino effect. Essentially, I may have to do a full rewrite. That’s what happens with spaghetti code.

Not just that, but for the past week, I had been thinking up ways of handling game assets within GRP files. Currently, they are either incorporated within the program itself, or are in the file types one would normally expect (like CHR files). By the time I get this project finished (not the demo), I’m wanting to have all assets that can be transferred over to GRP files to be as such. I have my reasons for doing this, but doing this would require what I mentioned earlier anyways, having to rewrite the code.

So, after giving it some thought, I decided that I didn’t want people to wait who knows how long for the release I promised some time ago. Therefore, I plan to release it by tomorrow night as-is. Many features are missing from what I promised, such as the two bosses, player health, etc. but I think people would appreciate being able to experience what is available, and what is possible with Petit Computer, even if it has some bugs and is incomplete. This release will at least have everything that was demonstrated in my prior WIP #3 video, as well as a few additions.

PTC Tutorial – Large Background Scrolling

One of the things I was asked when I first showed off my Megaman 2 PTC project on Youtube was about how I handled large backgrounds when Petit Computer can only handle 64×64 tile backgrounds. I hadn’t seen many other PTC programs that utilized large backgrounds, nor any tutorials specifically targeted towards that aspect with PTC, so why not make one myself? So, this tutorial will focus on that.

QR and example code can be located at the end of this tutorial.

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Website is now open!

Welcome to my very first website! Actually, it is more like my second, but my first one was so old from long ago and didn’t work too well so I kinda discredit that. Anyways, what I plan to put here are my projects, including my first public project, Megaman 2 PTC, and other things as I get to them. It will take some time though as I learn WordPress and general web development to design and arrange the website to my liking, so bear with the current layout until then.