MM2 PTC Report – 10/21/12

Last week, I mentioned that I needed to go back on some songs to rework them. Half of the 6 I planned on reworking have been dealt with. The following songs have been added since last week…

Title, Stage Select #1, and Wily Castle #2

The total number of songs made using PTC is now 12. That’s all I have for now.

MM2 PTC Report – 10/13/12

I’m going to try and give a weekly progress report every week until this gets done. Work on the audio is going slowly due to the complexity and available free time, but it is still going. I have about 9 songs done out of a supposed 24 (not including sfx). Don’t worry, about 10 or so are relatively short in length. The completed works thus far include…

Metalman, Flashman, Crashman, Heatman, Woodman, Quickman, WilyCastle, Boss, and Victory.

Woodman’s music, my latest work, was by far the hardest to get done correctly because of timing issues with Petit Computer’s MML scripting, plus it runs at a different tempo than most of the other music, which also affected timing of really short notes. I will have to revisit most of the songs already made, some with little alterations and a few that may have to be completely redone. This is because the last 3 I did (Heatman, Quickman, Woodman) were done differently (and properly), resulting in better organized scripts and reduced data size. The latter is very important as I plan to import all audio into a single GRP file. Whether I can is yet to be determined, and will be once all the audio is done.

Progress Report – 10/4/12

Here’s a little update for you all.

  • I haven’t done much programming of the MM2 PTC project since the release of the demo last week. However, I’m in the process of re-organizing all game assets into CHR/GRP pages that will be stored in the same file as the code (look up information about Petit Computer’s package setup), so no files other than PRG:MM2PTC will be required when the project is completed.
  • Rather than working on just what is needed atm when making a level (like sprites, music, etc), I’m going to be working on each separate asset in one-shot. First on the agenda is audio. I chose this first because not only will this be stored in GRP pages like the rest of the assets, but if I’m correct, I can load every single bgm+sfx when the program first loads, and then clear the area they took up in GRP pages so I can use those pages for other things afterwards.