MM2 PTC Report – 11/19/12

So, the audio player was released this past week, marking the end of work on the audio that will be used for MM2 PTC. So, what’s next?

The next thing that is being worked on are the graphics. Unlike the music, which I had to manually create, the tilesets and sprites for the game are far more accessible because many people have already ripped them. While this makes my job easier, there is more to it than simply reusing what is already made. I cannot simply throw them into Petit Computer, and expect them to operate correctly. The sprites alone vary with size, most not even being aligned by a power of 2 (ex. 16×16, 32×8), so I have to organize them, and split up the ones that are of oddball sizes to use less sprite space as they currently use, with stitching them together within the program when I get to that point.

Another problem is use of palettes. The rips I’ve obtained are not saved with palette information, or are improperly assigned. This part alone will likely take up most of the time with graphics, as I’ll have to extract the unique palette combinations, and then edit the tilesets/sprites to use the palettes properly.

MM2 PTC Audio Player v2

I got done with the sound effects much sooner than anticipated, so I spent the later part of today integrating them into the same GRP file that the music was written to, and incorporated the new GRP file into an updated version of my Audio player.

Update is available in the MM2 PTC Files section as the original was, which was replaced. If you don’t see 25 codes, or it seems like a mixup of codes ranging to 22 and 25, either refresh your browser, or clear your browser’s cache.

MM2 PTC Audio Player completed

After a slight mishap with the PTC Utilities QR code generator, everything is working again.

I had been hard at work in recreating the audio for Megaman 2 on PTC, and while I don’t have all the sound effects done, all the music is completed. I did my best in getting the music to sound just like it would on the NES, and while there are still some inconsistencies, I believe you won’t be disappointed by how close I got. So, as promised, an audio player that contains all the music, and unlike my prior game demo that I made, the audio player and additional files are completely packaged together into one individual PRG file. No clutter of extra GRP, CHR, etc files to deal with. I also created the interface to resemble the design of Megaman 2, so there’s a plus there.

Go to the MM2 PTC Files section to scan them in.

You hooligans! Don’t make me get out my Captcha!

It seems over the past couple of days, I had a lot of comments awaiting my approval, only to find out that the spambots have found my website. I was only getting a couple per week in the past, but now, they’re in full force, which has required me to up the requirements for posting any comments. You will find that if you want to post a comment now, you’ll have to deal with Captcha. For the moment, it is a simple check, and I hope I won’t need to resort to a more complicated version.

For those that don’t want to deal with the Captcha for every comment they make, I did add the ability to register on the website, so just register with your user name and email, then log in with your user name and password, and make your comments (but not too much, ok?).

In other news, I am completely done with all the music for my MM2 PTC project. No, the sound effects are not done yet. They will be, but first, I have to fulfill my promise of an initial Sound Test app. It will have a simple interface, but the music is going to be stored in a GRP file packaged with the program, as that is how I want most of the data for the final game to be held.

MM2 PTC Report – 11/3/12

As of right now, all the songs are done in one form or another. However, the two that I said would need adjusting, well… I’ve decided to redo them. This whole project is a learning experience for me, and so it was inevitable that things that were done earlier might not be up to snuff in comparison to stuff later on, after much learning was acquired. Besides, these two songs in comparison are quite a mess and not really optimized. I’m almost done with one of them, and I’ll get to the other ASAP.

After those two songs are revised, I’ll have the sound effects left to do, and that will end work in the audio department. Before working on the sound effects though, I will release the song collection in a type of “Sound Test” app for everyone that would like to hear them. This Sound Test will also be incorporated into the final game once it is done.