Sorry for missing updates

I had been tied up with holiday business that I have barely been able to touch the MM2 PTC project for the past 2 weeks, and I don’t expect that I’ll have enough of a break to really dig deep into development until afterwards. I still am doing some here and there, but not enough that I can cut into a big chunk of it.

Some complications…

So, I compiled all the sprites together to get them ready for color matching, and made an unfortunate discovery. My plan was to store them all in the 8 SPR slots available, but it looks like I am a couple of slots over the limit. This means I’m going to have to change my design a bit. I’ll most likely do what I did with audio and move sprites to a GRP section. The common sprites (like Megaman, weapons, effects and items) will likely stay where they are in┬ápermanent┬áSPR slots (therefore, no loading for them) while the rest get shifted over and will be loaded on request. I’ll continue updating my progress.