Compression and redesigning

Since my last post, I have continued working on sprite compression, making some programs to handle organizing and formatting of sprite rips, which will allow me to compile not just the compressed graphic data, but also some of the animation data for each ‘object’, so the only real BASIC code I’ll have to deal with is the AI for each one. I know many people are wanting to see results now after being left in the dark months after the demo was released, but I have none to offer atm.

Sprite work is not the only thing I have been working on. I have also been thinking of ways to streamline much of the code because the demo showed at least one thing. It was reaching the processing limit even when not much was happening. So, I’m having to rethink how things are done, and get to redesigning. For the moment, I’m looking into a faster method for background tile updating. Nothing to show yet, but unless my design is flawed, the number of calculations to update should be reduced significantly. Less time to handle one job means more time for other jobs.