Before you question why, let me say that I’m not depressed because of the game/demo. I’m still attempting to get the demo out before I leave for vacation in mid-August, but my depression is hindering it a little. The reason why I’m depressed is because my pet cat, Molly, is going through a rather uncomfortable phase in her life. About a month ago, we noticed that when she would breath, it sounded a little rough. So, we took her to the vet, but according to the vet, they said she seemed pretty healthy for her age, which if I recount, is about 16 years of age at least, and that she may simply have allergies. So, we accepted that diagnosis and thought she would be all right.

These past few days, however, she seemed to get progressively worse. Her breathing is even more rough to the point of wheezing. I can’t even recall the last time she coughed up a hairball, because I’m beginning to believe she is unable to cough any up now, perhaps because she’s getting weak. She doesn’t seem to be taking in much food and water. Even her favorite treats and canned foods go mostly uneaten. When she does attempt to eat/drink, she seems to have a really hard time. I’m guessing that it’s due to whatever is making it hard for her to breath, so imo, she’s weak because she’s not taking anything in because she doesn’t have the strength to clear her throat and breath normally.

Last night I kept tossing and turning in my bed, because every little noise crept into my room, and I continually imagined it was her crying out, so I barely got any sleep. We’re going to take her to the vet again today. I’m hoping that maybe they can do something to treat her that doesn’t involve emptying the little money I have in my finances. I know that at some point, there won’t be anything we can do, but I’d rather see if there are options, and if whatever this is is something easily treatable. I don’t think I could coup with the thought of her dying and me standing by doing nothing if there was something I could do. If we can’t do anything, then at least I’ll have the peace of mind that I tried when she does pass, but even after that, it’s going to be rough for me for a while as her memory will continue to hit me hard. I don’t take the passing of loved ones well.

So that’s the situation right now. I know you all are looking forward to the demo, but be aware that while I’m attempting to stay on schedule, these things inevitably happen to slow the progress.

Here’s hoping to a demo in mid-August

As the title suggests, I’m hoping that by mid-August, I’ll have enough done to throw out another demo. I’ve been making some rather long (and successful) strides in the development as of late, not just of implementation, but also of optimization that is granting me a little more processing with each iteration of my work. I still haven’t gotten back to the point of being able to shoot like I did with my last demo, but I’ve been working back in collision detection between entities, and that is working splendidly. Been testing newly entered enemies and their added AI that weren’t in the last demo, and they are working fine too. The next step is to add the bullets back in and then get entity health back in so it’ll feel like a real Megaman game once again.

Unlike the last demo, which featured existing levels from Megaman 2, I’m going to go on a little tangent with this coming one and create a simple random one, so people won’t feel bored with going through the same levels they’ve gone through hundreds of times over with the original game. Give it a little spice to be nice. It probably won’t have a boss at the end, but I think having a randomly-made level to try out will suffice.

The reason why I’m aiming for a mid-August demo release is because in mid-August, I’ll be going on vacation, so I’ll likely be putting off the project during that, and with the anniversary of the first demo being 2 months away (meaning I have been working on this for about 10 months now), I feel a little break would do me some good, but I want to supply everyone with something during that break.

So, here’s hoping……

I hate bugs!

I just got done with a good ~3 hour session of tracking a bug in my graphic allocation functions for the game. It was one of those cases where the function was made months ago, but because I hadn’t really put them through heavy testing (due to not having enough resources to work with at the time), testing it got put off to the side. Everything worked great until yesterday when my program became unstable after a good deal of allocating/deallocating was done. Figuring out which function was making the problem was the easy part. The hard part was having to relearn how the function worked after months of ignoring it while working on other parts, and figuring out how to fix the issue. In any case, the bug has been fixed, as well as a few others that I had glanced over in my search, so I shouldn’t have that crop up anytime soon. It was stressful, and now I’m tired (it’s 2:39AM right now for me). Thank goodness it’s the weekend.

Intro done

The introductory scene for Megaman 2 PTC is done….well….except for applying the audio to it. The audio has been done since last October, but it is not attached to my current work. It that will be easy to add once everything else is in order.

Graphic compilation almost complete

Forgive me. For some reason, after updating WordPress to 3.5.2, my ability to make new posts has had problems. I can’t even use Chrome to make posts, which is what I was using before. Anyways, so long as I can make a post, no matter how it looks, then I’ll make one. It will be short.

As of right now, I’d say about 90% of all graphics are compiled. This includes background tilesets ,sprites, and everything else that has a graphical representation. The rest are mainly those that aren’t used in actual levels, such as the intro scene, the stage selection, etc. I’ve been fixing bugs alongside testing these to see if they are displayed properly, and so far, everything checks out.

No 2nd demo as of yet, but when get back into working on entity AI, a demo may likely come after that.