Back from vacation

Alright, it’s been over 2 weeks since I released v0.2 of this project, and I got back from my vacation this past Saturday. Tired and sore from a week-long camping trip in a little place called Patricks Point, off the coast of northern California. It’s a beautiful place where you just relax, or go adventuring as you trek to different amenities. There’s a few other places around that area, like Fern Canyon, which have become tradition to go to with my family.

Anyways, even though I am back, I have family from Idaho and Indiana visiting for the week, so my plans to get back into MM2’s development are going to have to wait a little longer. But, I was able to make a few changes before I left for vacation which will be available in v0.3, whenever that comes out. Those changes include no insta-death to spikes when in the invulnerable phase after getting hit, the Battons behaving more appropriately, and something else that I can’t remember now.

Fun Fact: Many people don’t know this (and I didn’t know until last year), but Patrick’s Point was one of the places where they filmed scenes for The Lost World: Jurassic Park, particularly the basecamp/cliff scenes and when the Gatherers watched the inGen Round-Up. The picture above showing “Wedding Rock” can be seen in The Lost World during the inGen fly-in. The area they are standing on is actually a parking lot they had to fill in with dirt.

JP_LW_Wedding Rock

Fern Canyon, as mentioned earlier, was also used for The Lost World, where Stark is killed by Compys.

Demo v0.2 available now!

   (Demo should run with all versions of Petit Computer now, but errors may crop up. If the QR code list still reads 99 on each code, then refresh the page. It should show 98 instead)

(click the image to go straight to the codes)

It is official. Demo #2, almost 11 months in the making after the first demo was released, is now available, either by the image, or through the website menu above. A lot of work was put into this version. The code was redone almost completely, resulting in more flexibility, and speed is very much improved when numerous objects are on the screen. All game assets are compressed and packed into GRPs that are packaged into the program file, so all the codes are set for a single file, unlike the last demo that had numerous files scattered all over.

Be aware that this demo contains custom-made levels. Because of this, the difficulty of each of them will vary, with some parts too easy, and some parts too hard. I did extensive testing to ensure that the areas are passable, but that will be up to you all to decide. The total QR code count is a whopping 98 codes, and this doesn’t even contain all the game assets. I’ve had requests to make the demo available in other ways, so not only can you scan the codes in from the website, but the codes themselves are available via TAR.GZ format, and even the PTC file that contains the demo is also available (for those that have trouble with scanning the low-error codes) so you can make the codes yourself at the Petit Computer website.

Other than the custom-made levels and major rewriting of the code, the demo contains the following that were not present in the previous version…

  • More enemies.
  • Health bar (yay!)
  • Enemies drop items.
  • Health capsules that actually work.
  • Movement is more in-line with how Megaman should move.
  • Death animation and checkpoint refreshing implemented.
  • Runs smoother (just had to restate that again).
  • Intro scene

R.I.P. Molly – 2 weeks

1997 – August 1, 2013

Yep, the day after we took her to the vet, we went back again, and found out that she had a tumor near her liver/lungs, which is the likely reason why she wouldn’t eat or drink, and had a hard time breathing. Finding this out and the cost to do surgery, my mother and I had one option left. With as much care as we could give, we had her put down. I kept asking myself why we did this, but in the end, without drinking, her kidneys would have failed, and that would be more painful, not only for her, but for us as well. At her age, surgery might have only delayed the inevitable for just a little, not to mention she could have died during it. Like anyone that loses a loved one, I had myself a good cry. I’m much better now. She was never the kind of cat that would jump onto my bed and sleep with me, but the night before this, she continually requested that I be with her on the bed in the extra room she usually sleeps on, so for one night, I did. Perhaps she knew this was going to happen, I don’t know. All I know is that she’s in a better place now…..probably causing mischief. 😛

So, what about the demo?

I wasn’t going to end this post in a sad way. Instead, I’m ending on a good note. As of this moment, the engine for the demo is complete, and all the enemies I plan to use are ready. I have made one custom level so far, and it seems to be in working order. The level itself took about an hour at most to make, but I need to manually add the enemies to it still. Shouldn’t be too hard as it is basically simple entries based on ID, and position within the level. Unlike the previous demo, this one has a few more things implemented that make it more Megaman-ish.

  • An actual health bar
  • Energy capsules increase health (finally). The rest aren’t implemented.
  • Enemies randomly drop items.
  • Death explosion and restart of the levels at designated check points.

So, I have about 2 weeks to get this all compiled together before I go on vacation, but honestly, I think I could manage it all within this week, giving myself some time to wind down (since preparing for vacation can be stressful).