Just when you thought you knew what was in the package.


A curve ball comes your way that you weren’t expecting……well, for most. Yes, your computer screen (or other display device) is not screwing with you. This is indeed an editor designed to make Megaman 2 levels, and it is the 2nd main feature of this project with will be built-in. I held off on saying anything for a while because I wanted to have something presentable and in a fashion that it wouldn’t be complicated for anyone to make levels using it, not to mention that it’s been almost a year since the first demo, so it was like an anniversary gift. This was indeed used for making the 3 levels of the last demo, with the exception of enemy/entity placement (that is currently in the works).

This will be in the final version of the game, but unfortunately, any demo releases from here on out will unlikely have it included. This is because I’m working on it alongside the game engine, and anything can change between releases. Anyone that were to make levels in older versions might find themselves unable to use those levels with newer versions. The video below shows a quick example of using it, though quality isn’t exactly the greatest. It also shows the sub weapons.

Get Equipped With……

  • Air Shooter
  • Crash Bomber
  • Time Stopper
  • Quick Bommerang
  • Metal Blade
  • Bubble Lead
  • Atomic Fire
  • Leaf Shield

I’ve been spending the past little while handling Megaman’s sub weapons, and with the exception of a few tweaks and a couple missing effects, they are all fully operational, including charging up and releasing Atomic Fire (which wasn’t as hard than I thought). The next thing on my list are the Item weapons (1, 2, 3) and platform rails (from Crashman and Wily Castle 4 stages) as they share a commonality of needing to interact with Megaman far more than anything else so far.