A December Update

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been going against a bunch of hurdles with the program, but most have been dealt with. As of right now, all enemies and sub-bosses have been completed with their AI improved and adjusted. Dealing with the sub-bosses was a bit of a chore because they didn’t deal with just sprites, but also messed with the background as part of their visuals. Also, because of being able to place them anywhere with the editor, I also had to make numerous code adjustments (to prevent overlapping) as well as numerous palette execution changes with regard to them because of how they may use palette animations (so by doing a palette animation to one, it would have affected all others of the same type in visual range).

I’ve also been refining the code that deals with transition data (that allows moving from one sub level to the next) as I added gate placements. This did cause me to require changing map collision data so now, there will be a 1 tile invisible wall on either side. While this makes Megaman react correctly like the original did in this instance, it will affect how enemies will react to this wall, which are supposed to act differently. Shouldn’t cause much of a problem though. The transitions can either be activated by touching any open portion of the sides, or just one open portion. The gates can be placed on any open section on the left/right sides. The original game does not have gates leading up/down, but I wouldn’t cross that off the list just yet. It won’t be a focus atm.

Before I begin work on the bosses, I will be going through a stabilization session, to ensure that what can be created with the editor would not result in errors that stops the program.