Robot Masters, and user-made rooms

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy with things other than this project. I have continued working on the Robot Masters, but a lot of complications have been introduced as I worked on each one, so I had to make more adjustments to the overall code. As I mentioned in my last post, the Robot Masters won’t act exactly the way they do in the original game because of the inclusion of placing them in user-made rooms via the editor, though they should still act fairly close when introduced in an exact replica of their boss rooms.

Take for instance Bubbleman. He floats up into the water in Megaman’s direction and then floats down. The original room has a completely flat floor and no obstacles in between, so he would always float up and then down. But, what if the floor was raised in multiple spots, or solid platforms elsewhere? The original AI could have him floating up and up until he is off-screen above. In such a case, I changed the AI so that if he is to float around in the water above a certain point, instead off floating up, he’d float down instead. I even set them so that they can die in a pit (like if the room made for the boss has an open pit right below where they spawn). These took me time to devise, and while most can handle an altered room, some are going to take a bit more time.

Metalman comes to mind. His AI is rather simple. When being attacked, he’s jumps up to 3 potential heights, and throws a number of blades based on the height. however, introducing a room that is different from the original can mess things up. If a platform is above him, should he jump to it? How high should he jump to reach that platform, and how many blades should he throw in the process? If he’s too high, he should be able to drop down? Should he throw blades in that scenario? There are numerous variables to take into account with using the original AI and transforming it to become more dynamic in a unique room layout.

Currently, I have the AI for 5 robot masters done (excluding their weapon AI). The two remaining other than Metalman should be a cinch as their AI is originally designed to handle rooms with no flat floors and such. In other news, I had a request about how I was able to make the music/sfx for the game, so I will also work on a tutorial about that. It won’t be a tutorial about how to make MML scripts, but more about what instruments are used to produce the 8-bit audio.