Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling…..

Doing some prep work for the Dragon boss in Wily’s Castle, and before the actual fight begins, there’s a bit of auto-scrolling on platforms where you don’t want to fall, and don’t want to touch the dragon. I initially though that since this mechanic was unique to this fight, I’d merge it in with the Dragon AI, but as I began to mess with the mechanics, I found that it was something I can have as a separate entity, insomuch that it’s going to be a part of the editor with 3 types. Normal, Auto-Scroll (1 pixel per frame in either direction), and Lock (no scrolling whatsoever).

Due to the nature of this entity, I had to make some adjustments to Megaman so he would never go outside the camera view, meaning when he does nothing and the camera starts scrolling past, he’ll be dragged along with it. Along with that, I had to make a basic check that if he got stuck in a spot when he’d get squeezed, then he’d auto-explode.

Work continues. Slowly, but surely

I believe I am still on track for a release before the end of the year. Nothing particularly big has happened as I have mainly been dealing with bugs in the program. I’m alternating between bug fixes and working on the main game, so nothing really important to report.