Super Fighting Robot!



 Yes, it is finally here! Megaman 2 PTC v1.0 is complete. Be warned. This is a big project, so it is going to have A LOT of QR codes. How many? 243 QR codes total, spanned across 6 files. Extensive testing was done to insure that this product is free from as many glitches, bugs, and errors as possible. Even with all our testing, it is still possible that a problem may be found. I will get a “README” file prepared as soon as possible for those that download the program, but do not know how to do things on it (such as the editor, or even certain in-game operations).

Grab the QR codes from the FILES section


I’m calling it right now. My plan is to release v1.0 in time for Thanksgiving, so that should be a few days short of 3 weeks. This is just a plan, not a solid date, as it may end up that I have to work on it some more, delaying it, or, it may turn out that everything went ahead of schedule, and the release date will be earlier. Too soon to tell, but I’m feeling a bit confident.

So, as far as progress? Main game is completely done, and I mean completely. Both normal and hard modes are activated. The editor is just about done. I mainly have to check around for bugs. I have included a boss rush mode, which is simply fighting each boss from one room to the next. Unlike the main game, this has 3 modes. Normal, Hard, and Insane. Depending on the mode, you’ll be given a certain number of E-tanks, but all have 0 lives, and no bosses drop a health capsule (like they would in Wily’s Stage #5). Unlike normal and hard, insane gives you NO SUB WEAPONS, and it is set to hard mode’s difficulty. So, every boss has to be fought with the Mega Buster and in sequence, including the Boobeam Trap room (don’t worry, I set it so you can get through it). Because of this, I had thought about doing a similar thing with the main game, but we’ll see.

Right now, I’m working on a level compiler built right into the game. As it stands, you can make your own levels, but they are individually stored in GRPs, and if 50 people made 10 levels each and sent them out to be share-able, a person would have around 500 GRPs to sift through. I wanted to make it so that people who made multiple levels could put them all together into one GRP, so in a case with these 50 people making 10 levels, they could compile their 10 levels into 1 GRP, and share it that way. So, 50 GRPs instead of 500. However, individual levels can be quite big in size, so not even 10 could fit into one GRP as-is. So, I’m adding a feature to compressing/compiling multiple levels together, which will reduce their size but not affect the content of the levels. For the moment, I’m going to set the limit to 20 levels, but that may be too much because, as said, levels can be quite big, and because they are being compressed, it will also mean it’ll take quite a bit to process them.