v1.0.3 + self-fix instructions for v1.0.2

My fault. My bad. Seems when I was fixing things up for v1.0.2, I introduced a major flaw as well. For those that have been playing the main game in v1.0.2 and were gonna tackle Wily’s Castle will suddenly find themselves having skipped the first 4 Wily Stages and went straight onto the 8 Robot Master chamber. This is the result of me trying to fix the teleport system, so I needed to jump straight to that stage for testing purposes. My apologies.

So, I’m posting v1.0.3. If you’ve rescanned v1.0.2 prior to this, you only need to rescan the program QR codes, not the GRP QR codes. However, some may think that 80+ codes is still a lot for one simple fix (I know I do), so I’m providing instructions on how to fix it yourself. If you had not scanned in v1.0.2 prior to this, then you must rescan all codes for v1.0.3 (because changes were made to the asset files in v1.0.2).

  • Select Write Program from the Petit Computer menu to launch the console
  • type in LOAD “MM2PTC” (wait for it to finish loading)
  • type in LIST 1169
  • Go to the end of the line and find the section that says MGWLVL=4. Change the 4 to a 0 to make it MGWLVL=0.
  • Return to the console (by selecting RUN on the touch screen).
  • type in SAVE “MM2PTC”,”1000″ (make sure you do this, as this also saves the current font and energy/weapon graphic bars).

Was made aware of something I forgot to mention

While 1.0.2 fixes pretty much all the bugs that were discovered since the v1.0.0 release, it also has an unfortunate side effect. Prior to 1.0.2, the save file had a bug which cause the overlapping of the main game saves with the custom level list, resulting in corruption and possible crashing of the program with an error. The problem is fixed in v1.0.2, but it also caused saves from pre-1.0.2 to not be compatible (in the sense that the program may crash). You will have to delete the MM2PTCSV file from the MEM section so that it may create a new save upon launching. Some may feel confident enough to alter the save to try and preserve the data, but as was said, it’s likely that the main game save or level list is corrupt, so some data is already lost.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

v1.0.2 available now

Sorry for the wait in getting this out. I’ve been busy with other things, not including Christmas. But, here it is, v1.0.2. I believe I got all the reported bugs handled. Unfortunately, because some of the bugs were within the asset files, updating just the program file will not be enough. All 243 QR codes will have to be re-scanned in to take effect, else the program will report an error and close. While this was mainly bug fixes, I did add a few minor things, such as not requiring the L/R triggers for the editor (jumping between sublevels can be done with the button row on the touch screen).

Please report any other bugs that you may experience. Thank you.