11 thoughts on “Final Testing phase has begun

  1. Can’t wait! Hope everything goes smoothly! If there are a few things that screw up, just know that it doesn’t have to be perfect to make us happy. You’ve done a good job with this whole project. Once the final testing is complete and goes well you should take a break from all of this and just relax. I’ll be checking this site probably hourly to make sure I’m the first to get this! I can’t wait to scan the thousands of QR codes! Hahaha.

  2. Yes!! Yes!! Once this is gr has an official release I will begin a japan language import soon for those of us who dont have the United states so called “petit com” maybe that is the US’s pichikon…

    • That may prove to be a little difficult, considering much of the “English text” that was in the code is now in the GRPs, and attempting to edit those without proper knowledge of the GRP structure (let alone the structure I hold the assets in) may end up crashing the game and bring about errors.

      As far as simply running this on puchikon mkII, there may be no need for changing anything.

      • I actually undersramd this judging by many others editing the code and ending up making the program inaccessible, this kind of stuff should be a walk in a gun filled park. Thank you discostew for letting me know

  3. 1. Syntax error on line 2079: F$”GRP1:MM2PTCG3″ (You’re missing a =)
    2. My L and R buttons don’t work. Any chance you can change some of the controls because I want to use the level editor. (Maybe use ICONSET and ICONPAGE)

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