Megaman 2 PTC v1.0.1 now available

Version 1.0.1 is now available under the FILES category. It contains various bug fixes which have been reported, and now uses the Megaman 2 font. Note – I’m sure some bugs which have been reported still remain, so be sure to report them here as well as any others that have cropped up.

One other thing. Re-scanning the GRP codes is not mandatory. Only one bugfix was done involving them, and it doesn’t seem to affect anything other than naming something incorrectly in the Audio Player. So it is your choice to rescan all those GRP QR codes, but it is not required. If you rescan even one of the GRPs, then you must rescan them all because they are all linked.

18 thoughts on “Megaman 2 PTC v1.0.1 now available

  1. You should TOTALLY do what Mega Man Powered Up did and make the Robot Masters playable characters. If I understood how you re-did this whole thing in BASIC I’d take a crack at it, but I don’t have the artistic ability needed to make ladder sprites and damage taken sprites.

    Bought PTC to play this, looking forward to it!

    • The problem with doing that is PTC is limited to 9999 lines of code, and there’s less than 100 lines left to work with. Yes, the program is that big.

      • Wow, I had no idea. Well, some idea. That’s a LOT of code, makes sense for the QR code number. Maybe on PTC3D? I heard it’s gonna have 99999 lines.

    • The left-most icon on the touch screen is to add an entity. The one to the right of it removes an entity. You have to have an entity selected to remove it.

      • Ah, thank you! I had inadvertently placed like 30 entities on top of each other, so it looked like nothing was happening when I tried deleting them, haha.

        And unless I have some more silly questions in the future, I’d like to give a final thanks for putting the time and effort into something with this much scope and polish. You’ve made an application worth paying to download Petit Computer for, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s Mega Man. I’ll be donating some money because I think you deserve it, keep up the great work!

  2. Shouldn’t this post be listed on the posts list for the megaman project (This post isn’t listed in Projects -> Mega Man 2 PTC -> Posts)?
    Also, a bug: If you go into the editor (past the tileset selection) and exit out, the standard GRP will be unloaded, causing things like the Megaman II logo in sound select to be the wrong color, and the Wily’s Castle opening cutscene will be broken.

    • Still haven’t been able to recreate this problem. I examined the execution of making a new level (via Create) to when you exit the editor after it is initialized (no saving), and the only time a GRP is moved around is when the BGM for the level to be created is loaded, which requires swapping GRP slot 2, but the correct GRP is swapped back in after the BGM loading is complete.

      Could you provide any additional details, or even a video demonstrating the steps you took to cause the problems and the result from these problems?

      • I swear I’m going crazy… I’m unable to reproduce it anymore, even though I’ve done it successfully 3 times. Sorry for wasting your time. Any ideas on when 1.0.2 will be released to the public?

  3. Editor clean up bug: Create a new level and add a new sublevel. Place a random tile wherever on the new sublevel, then exit the editor. Do this again, and the block you placed before will be on sublevel 2 of the new level (this doesn’t happen on sublevel 1, but does happen on any other sublevel).

      • Oh. Also, another small, but annoying, editor bug: Insert a barrier entity and move it to the very bottom of the level. It allows you to put the barrier in a place where normal entities can’t be placed. As soon as you unselect the barrier, it becomes unselectable (and undeleteable). Also, the reason I said it was an annoying bug is because I had been working on a level for the past 30 minutes and the bug broke the whole thing. I really need to save more often…

  4. There’s a bug in the editor that happens from time to time. I add a sublevel, go back to a previous sublevel, go to the newest one again and it loads as a sublevel from a previous level I made. No crashes so far. In order to prevent this, I have to add a block before I change sublevels.

  5. I love bug hunting. :3
    In gates mode in Links/Gates in the editor, switching the sublevel doesn’t properly change the markers. Also, the top screen won’t show “Sublvl: ” and “Section: ” for the markers.

  6. Disco, I sent you an email containing 3 songs for an upcoming indie Megaman game I am currently working on. It holds a Wily Castle song, a Stage Select, and a Title Screen BGM. Please check it out and reply, it may have accidentally gone into your spam, though.

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