Megaman 2 PTC

Japanese cover art for the game

Dr. Wily’s Castle (Petitcom MML)

20141126_223748What is Megaman 2 PTC? Well, I don’t think I need to explain what Megaman 2 is other than it is one of the greatest games in retro video game history for the Nintendo Entertainment System and other consoles for which it was ported to, and I’d urge anyone who hasn’t played it to do so. As for what the PTC stands for, it stands for an application as part of the DSiWare software collection called Petit Computer that allows anyone with knowledge of the BASIC programming language to make programs and games to their liking. With the program, my project revolves around recreating Megaman 2 using it. Hence, Megaman 2 PTC.

20141126_224652This project is the embodiment of over 2 years of work. No, not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365…….you get the idea. This was mainly a side project. The reason for it being over 2 years of work is because of the development environment. BASIC is not normally a programming language that one would attempt to use when making such a game. Various different kinds, yes, but this kind? Probably not. It was not just the coding, but I also had to handle all the assets the game would use, most of which were compiled together externally through PC programs I had to make.

So, what does the game include? Well, it certainly wouldn’t be a game without the main game, right? It has that, plus a number of many other things, mainly the editor. Yes, you will be able to make your own levels using the custom level maker, utilizing assets seen in the original NES game. Other features included are: an audio player, a Boss Rush mode, etc. Please direct yourself to the Files list under this page category to get the QR codes so that you may enjoy this piece of work.