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So it’s been around a year and a half since I last made a post, and a few of you may have sent emails asking what’s going on. Honestly, there’s really nothing. I haven’t worked with Petit Computer since that last post, and while I could have worked with SmileBASIC, the new app for 3DS by the folks who made Petit Computer, my interest rather dwindled. Some folks are kept energized after finishing a project, but unfortunately for me, having spent what I believe to be a good 2 years on Megaman 2 PTC (not constant), I wasn’t feeling an urge to work on anything else related to PTC or SmileBASIC. Could I have ported Megaman 2 PTC to SmileBASIC? Possibly, if I could overcome the differences in capabilities with the hardware, but even if I could, it would not have been accepted by SmileBoom on their servers because of the situation with copyright content.

I have done other things since then, particularly with contributing to the blargSNES homebrew project on 3DS, but even that is sitting rather idle as the RL has other plans. Issues with work is leading me to find something else, so my focus is there, among other things. So until things improve, this site is likely to not see much activity, if any. I’ll keep it alive for however long I feel it’s needed to be, but that’s about it for now. Thank you everyone who supported me.

2 thoughts on “Really just nothing going on

  1. If you are interested, there is an app someone released for smilebasic called Petitmodem. It allows you to send files to and from smilebasic and your PC via sound. If you’re wanting an easy way to go with porting to smilebasic on the 3DS then this might be useful.

    And rather than letting this site die, you could instead put more on it with things that you are working on, even if it isn’t PTC related. For example, hearing that you’ve done some work with blargSNES is pretty cool. Having a page on your website that kept us up to date on things like that would be a fun thing to follow too!

    You did amazing on Megaman 2 PTC! Keep up the good work! You can pull of some pretty awesome stuff!

  2. And actually, even if you aren’t interested in porting it, can you put the code for it as a whole somewhere so I can give it a go? I just want to see if I can port it somehow.

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