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 Yes, it is finally here! Megaman 2 PTC v1.0 is complete. Be warned. This is a big project, so it is going to have A LOT of QR codes. How many? 243 QR codes total, spanned across 6 files. Extensive testing was done to insure that this product is free from as many glitches, bugs, and errors as possible. Even with all our testing, it is still possible that a problem may be found. I will get a “README” file prepared as soon as possible for those that download the program, but do not know how to do things on it (such as the editor, or even certain in-game operations).

Grab the QR codes from the FILES section

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  1. YES! Im getting it now! I was hoping for a midnight release but this works too. I CAN’T WAIT TO START PLAYING! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  2. WOW! THIS GAME IS SO COOL! It makes an awesome use of the bottom screen on menus. Everything about this is INCREDIBLE! ITS WORTH SCANNING 243 QR CODES! THIS IS JUST SO COOL! THIS IS THE BEST PETIT COMPUTER GAME I’VE EVER PLAYED AND RANKS TOP ON MY OVER ALL FAVORITE GAME LIST! That 2 years of work really paied off didn’t it? Come to think of it, I’ve been supporting you since the beginning haven’t I? I will continue to support you on any future projects you may do! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!

    • YOU MADE USE OF THE BOTTOM SCREEN IN THE ACTUAL GAME! I don’t know if you were already going to do it or if you listened and used my idea I gave you BUT I LOVE IT!

    • Rawr! That was one of the first glitches encountered during testing, and I kept telling myself each time it came up to get it fixed, and I never did…..

  3. Thank you so much! I have discovered great use of japan grp location! Tanslation will now be underway. Sorry if you werent expecting any translation Mr discostew, I might ask to teach me some german and a small pint of spanish…

  4. First glitch: if you go to the boss rush then go back to Regular mode, it gives you all the items even if you didnt complete the game.

  5. I know this is probably a bad thing to mention right on release but I found a glitch… I know its not a big surprise, because I assume you don’t believe that the whole thing is bug free. Especially since this is in the stage builder. For some reason when I try to rename the stage from Eddy or whatever the standard name is, I cam enter the name but when I tell it to go back to the editor its like half of it wants to go back but the other half wants to go back to the main menu. It’ll do some weird things on the screen that make it look like ita going back to the stage buider but then starts doing animations similar to the intro and all of the sudden it pops up with “Press Start”. So I do and the results actually have been different every time I’ve done this, sometimes it crashes and other times it can do anything. Like it can range from crazy results to crashing. I don’t know what affects the results but they just happen. I actually think this glitch is really cool and love it although I wish it didn’t have to be from changing the name of stages because I would like to do that. Maybe there’s an alternative to change the name of a stage? BTW I LOVE THE STAGE BUILDER! CUSTOMIZEABLE THINGS ARE SO MUCH FUN! I love putting bosses in rooms they aren’t made for amd watching them do everything perfectly because of how well you coded them! I just wish I had a key or something that would explain or show what all the entities are.

    • Do you think you could record a video of what you’re doing and upload it to YT? IT would give me a better understanding of what’s going on with the flow of code execution. Also, please provide your DSi/3DS’s region and PTC (mkII) version.

      • Oh and another thing, in the sound effect part of the sound test option the extra life noise is labeled as “Death”. I found that one pretty funny.

        • Great…..I had that fixed prior to releasing v1.0, but it appears that I didn’t update the GRPs to reflect that. This means all the GRPs will have to be rescanned come v1.1 (only if people want this fix, as this particular oversight won’t affect the execution of the game if they aren’t rescanned).

          • If its going to require a ton of extra work just to change its name for the extra life sound you should just leave it as is. The. Sound test feature is more of a fun extra feature that isn’t really necessary to complete the game so I think one misnamed sound effect that can still be played just fine doesn’t need to be fixed if its going to take a ton of extra unnecessary work to fix. Its not potentially game breaking like the first glitch I found possibly is so don’t worry about it. I’ll get a video of the first glitch to you when I can. I’ve been pretty busy with school, family, and just life in general so who knows when I’ll get the time to do it. I’ll attempt to do it today if im not stuck after school too long for Algebra 2 tutoring.

  6. Made my first level, beat the game on Normal, and love boss rush! There was a glitch with the editor, though. I don’t know if it had to do with placement of bosses, or the dissapearing block. Here’s the glitch I got:
    If a dissapearing block is above the bottom of the screen, and there’s a transition from the bottom of that screen to another sublevel, if you fall through the dissapearing block when it’s retracted, you will fall through any blocks in the next sublevel. If you need further details, I’ll try to explain it in further depth. (I don’t have a YouTube account.)

  7. THANKS A MILLION! you’ve done an amzing work, i love it!
    by the way, i’m from Spain, so, you work has been followed in another country, congratulations
    I love the level editor, but… if you choose the level editor, and then you play the normal game, you have infinite extra life.
    BTW: i haven’t played the game since i close it last time, so that glitch can just be solved if you load the game again.
    I think you can do very cool games, i hope you will be able to create an own game in the future!!

    • I assume it’s when you run the editor, and then load a save for the main game and not start the main game anew, right? That should be fairly easy to fix.

      • yes, that’s the glitch, by the way i’ve just tried the boss rush mode and it’s pretty cool! good job! XD
        i didn’t try it before because i read the comments below

      • This is why I always have virtual machines on linux. Just use Windows under the VM, and then upload the QR codes to a file sharing website and download them onto linux.

    • That is likely due to a bug with names that are less than 8 characters long (8 is the max). For the moment, name your levels to be 8 characters long. This will be fixed in v1.1

  8. I posted response email, I also want to know how to edit the transition LOCATION so I can change the sublevel destination to sublvl 2,3, or 4 instead of defaulting the same sblvl on the same sblvl

    • The source for transitions is what you select via the touch-screen (one of the 4 split sections displayed) for the current sublevel/section. The destination is whatever sub-level/section you are currently on at the time of pressing the “A” button.

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    • Seems PTC doesn’t like lower-case letters for saving/loading functions. Guess I’ll need to design the inputs to only be numeric or upper-case (and if any lower-case is used, they’ll become upper-case).

  10. Two small bugs in 1.0.1 that really annoy me:
    1. In the level editor, the Spawn Points screen says “Back” or “Front” on the bottom left, but doesn’t say “Layer: ” before it.
    2. If you save a file after getting a game over (but not after completing a level), the small “Saving…..” message will disappear, but the border won’t.

    Also, a bit of a request: I really want to take full advantage of the level editor, but my L and R buttons are broken. Could you possibly add another way to switch sublevels?

    • Ok, your request has been implemented. Expect it in v1.0.2. Other than going between sublevels, the L and R buttons are used to go between weapons (which isn’t a problem because of other options), but it is also used for saving the list of custom-made levels under “Level List”, which would be a problem. I’ll see what I can do there.

      • Huge thanks! And yeah, for the weapon switching, I’ve just been using the touch screen, so I’m all set there. For saving in Level List, the START button isn’t being used on that screen. By the way, I did notice something wierd. When I switched from 1.0 to 1.0.1, I had to rescan all the GRPs because the pallete on the Megaman II logo was incorrect on the sound test menu and the cutscene when you start Wily’s Castle was just dead.

        • Only in the Sound Test, and nowhere else like the Title Screen or the credits? I don’t see how that’s possible, considering in each instance of its use, it always grabs from the same place. I could imagine problems if you scanned any GRP without scanning all of them, because they are all tied together.
          I just tried 1.0.1 and rescanned the old GRPs, and I’ve had no problems with either scenario you experienced.

          • Okay, so I just tried to retrace what I did immediately when I went from 1.0 to 1.0.1. The bug is actually caused when the editor is initialized, then you exit the editor.

  11. No glitches. Though, I really haven’t dug into the game that much. I’m just here to commend you on the great job. I’m more appreciating the art side of this. I don’t really understand the coding aspect but, from my knowledge understand that basic isn’t an easy language to learn. I understand that this not like when Nintendo ports over a game to the VC. They already have the file and, can just kind of dump the file on to the service with little work. You really did this from scratch. I donated as a way to say thank you. So, Congrats. This is better than the VC version.

  12. Wow, I cannot believe how cool this is! Very well done. I have only beat one boss, I can barely believe that is a PTC game! I have one question, are you going to make more remakes or games in the future?

    • For the moment, other than implementing bug fixes and whatnot, I’m taking a break. Been working on this for over 2 years on and off. Anything I do later will likely be done with SmileBasic on the 3DS when it releases in NA.

  13. Dude your awesome!!!I Im the one who ask you about the sprite edit at petitwiki,I dont know if its a bug or its the size but when you go to the laser parts at quickmans stage and use time stopper there to stop the lasers the games framerate lowers,its no biggie but I wanted to tell you this,also when ptc3ds comes and after your deserving vacations from this piece of art you did,are you planing to do more games/ports there? maybe you could make a port of rockmanfc7 and rockmanfc8(a nes esque demakes of mm7 and 8 for pc.)Anyway hats down this is the best thing done in ptc,Thanks for bringing this favorite childhood game to my 3ds.

  14. Hi. I can tell you put a ton of work into this project and mega man must be really important to you since you went to such lengths to so meticulously re-create it from the ground up. I just wanted to share with you that your port of mega man 2 is my very first experience with a mega man game. Up until now, for some reason or another, I just never got around to playing any of them. I love the game and am in awe that it was developed on petit computer. I wanted you to know that without this project, it is highly possible I would have gone the rest of my days without touching a mega man game so for me and my gaming career, you have made a big difference. I now own mega man 2,3 and 5 on my 3DS. Even more amazing is the fact that you even added to the game in substantial ways. With that in mind, I don’t think nintendo is the only one who should be making money here so I’m donating some money to you for how great of a job you did here. I never thought I would want to give someone money for what they made in a simple program like petit computer but you sir have absolutely earned it. I hope very much to see more from you when the sequel in released on the 3ds eshop later in 2015. Keep up the great work!

    • Hmm, I tried to recreate Bug #1, but never had a crash or error. I assume it happened in Wily Stage 4 (the purple stage where there is that spike pit with the false tiles)?

      Bug #2, however, I do understand what’s happening. It’s the GVal entities. Each entity in the game follows a specific course of action, and some are examined every number of frames, like the Mole entity that will spawn a new Mole enemy every 8 frames if there are not 4 on the screen. GVal entities follow this 8-frame examination process. After each boss is dead in Wily Stage 5, a series of entites are processed one after another. First it does GVal Subtract, then GVal IsEqual to see if the internal game value is 0, and if it is, then it sets the teleport system to redirect to a different sublevel (the one that has a teleport that leads to the Wily Machine). Unfortunately, the teleport system is going too fast, and ends up executing the teleport (after the little teleport-out animation) before it sets the new teleport location. So, I fixed it to take longer for the teleport to execute, as well as reduced the time that GVal entities are examined. This should fix the problem and be available in v1.0.2 when it’s ready.

      Because this fix requires that I change asset data in the GRPs, the entire program + GRPs will have to be rescanned.

      • Yes the Bug#1 is the purple stage with spikes and false tiles. I will try to recreate it in EDIT Mode and tell you what type of error is. I think i made just a jump and no climb the ladder.

      • Ok i’m back and do the bug#1. I’m on the rocket, I jump and climb the ladder outside the screen and the game crash. So i have “Subscript out of range (4608)”.

        • Well, I still haven’t been able to recreate the problem, but I did check that error line, and it got me a little stumped. That line is within a routine that handles the gates, which have no relation to vertical transitions. I did some backtracking of how code could get to that routine, and found a varaible related to it that never gets cleared, only reassigned to another non-0 value. I can’t guarantee this change will resolve the issue, but I guess when I roll out v1.0.2, if you still encounter the error, will you let me know? Thanks.

          • Finally, i found how you can have this bug. You must do a continue.
            I did it in Crashman’s Stage, before the continue i have no bug, but after the continue the bug appears.
            Good luck to correct the bug. 😉

          • Alright, I was able to replicate the error with the unchanged v1.0.1 version using your route, and then attempted it with v1.0.2 using the fix I felt would have solved it. So far, I haven’t been able to replicate it, so I’ll assume my fix corrected the issue. v1.0.2 should be out soon.

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