v1.0.3 + self-fix instructions for v1.0.2

My fault. My bad. Seems when I was fixing things up for v1.0.2, I introduced a major flaw as well. For those that have been playing the main game in v1.0.2 and were gonna tackle Wily’s Castle will suddenly find themselves having skipped the first 4 Wily Stages and went straight onto the 8 Robot Master chamber. This is the result of me trying to fix the teleport system, so I needed to jump straight to that stage for testing purposes. My apologies.

So, I’m posting v1.0.3. If you’ve rescanned v1.0.2 prior to this, you only need to rescan the program QR codes, not the GRP QR codes. However, some may think that 80+ codes is still a lot for one simple fix (I know I do), so I’m providing instructions on how to fix it yourself. If you had not scanned in v1.0.2 prior to this, then you must rescan all codes for v1.0.3 (because changes were made to the asset files in v1.0.2).

  • Select Write Program from the Petit Computer menu to launch the console
  • type in LOAD “MM2PTC” (wait for it to finish loading)
  • type in LIST 1169
  • Go to the end of the line and find the section that says MGWLVL=4. Change the 4 to a 0 to make it MGWLVL=0.
  • Return to the console (by selecting RUN on the touch screen).
  • type in SAVE “MM2PTC”,”1000″ (make sure you do this, as this also saves the current font and energy/weapon graphic bars).

7 thoughts on “v1.0.3 + self-fix instructions for v1.0.2

    • That would require having to reprogram the entire weapon, not to mention replacing the graphics/animations for it which are compressed in the asset files, which neither is an easy feat.

      • True point. Btw, I still have Ver. 1.01 and there’s a glitch in Wily castle 4 where I climb up a ladder and I get an error message and I’m kicked off the game. This also happens on some custom stages I’ve made. Do you know how to fix this?

        • This has been fixed since 1.0.2 (don’t worry, your custom levels will still be valid, but your save data won’t). That problem is more complicated than the single number fix I posted for this different problem here, plus 1.0.2 contains numerous other fixes. since you’re still running 1.0.1, you’ll have to rescan all the QR codes again. Just scan 1.0.3 instead, as it’s just like 1.0.2 except with this most recent fix.

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