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The server that hosts this site (and others) has been having trouble lately. Those that oversee its maintenance have acknowledge that there is a problem and will get back to us ASAP.

Progress on the project. Teleports have been implemented for the most part, and included in the editor. Work on the 5th Wily boss (the Wily Machine) is in the works. I’m going to have to do another clean up of the code soon to reduce the number of lines it uses, as I’m getting too close to the 9999 line limit and still have numerous things to implement. Basically, I’ll try and combine lines of code onto the same line if they are short enough.

5 thoughts on “Web host having problems

  1. Wow, it seems like the game is VERY close to completion! That’s GREAT!

    But I sure hope you aren’t going to get to the 520,000 character limit. If you get to that limit, it’s game over.

    By the way, I’ve been wondering about something. Before you put up the final game for download, do you plan on making a few sample levels with the level editor that will be preinstalled with the game? I feel that making some sample levels that showcase some things that are not in the main game but can be created with the editor would be a great idea because, one, it gives people who really don’t want to use the editor a few more levels to play, and, two, sample levels would make people more interested in the editor because they will see all of the new and crazy things that aren’t in the main game, and they would be more motivated and interested in making levels.

    • Oh, I’m well under the 520kB character limit, so that won’t be a problem.

      We’ll have to see about sample levels. I initially had plans to incorporate compiling of multiple levels together into single GRPs, and use a GRP slot to hold this when testing other people’s work, but this was with the idea that I’d only need 3 GRP slots to hold the game assets, but as it turns out, all 4 are required because there is that much data (compressed graphics/audio, sprite animation data, main game levels, etc).

  2. Wait, couldn’t you come up with a way to execute another program within that one? Here, more details:

    Is there some way that you could keep the data from the first prg, copy important variables + engine to another, and put the next bosses and layouts in another program to continue the program there?
    Sorry, I’m, like, kinda tired. I can’t think too straight. I might try to post something below when I’m in my “smart and energized” mood. Maybe I’ll get some coffee in a bit… O.o

    • Most of the program has to be accessible at any given time, given the nature of the engine. Theoretically, I could separate the editor from the game engine, but the problem is load times. As it is, it takes around 28 seconds just to load the entire program because it is that big. If I were to separate the editor from the main program, I might shave 5 seconds from the main program, but that would mean each time I go back into the editor, I’d have to wait 5 seconds for it to fully load, and every time I exit it or want to test a level using the main engine program, I’d have to wait 23 seconds. That’s how detrimental it would be to go multi-prog.

      I’m sure I can fit everything into a single program. It’ll just take time. There are many spots in the code where I can stack multiple lines into the same line that were left as-is because they were in development (something that won’t be a problem in PTC3 because I hate having to scroll left/right in the code while developing).

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